Sunday, July 31, 2022

TKJ's thoughts: Team TKJ is still going strong on the tennis tours


It's been a while since I've done this and so there's not too much confusion I thought I would take the time to list most, if not all of my faves in tennis -- better known to me as Team TKJ.

At the top there is Marta and King Carlos, but here are some of the rest -- in no particular order.

Iga, Anett, Paula, Jessie, Mugz, DRC, Emma, Coco, Dasha, BB, Mandy, Maddie, Angie, CarGar, Sori, Naomi, E., Bianca, Sloane, Camila, DY, DV, LLD, Katie, Kiki, Muchie, Caty, Slash and Natalia.

On the men's side there's also Sascha, Rafa, Nole, FAA, Winner winner chicken Sinner, DeMin, Foe, Zo, Andy, Nick and Fed.

Clearly, there's more women than men, and I plan to add more men (and more women) as time goes on. But for now this looks like a pretty unstoppable group of players to me!

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