Wednesday, July 13, 2022

TKJ's Picks: Bencic among winners in Lausanne


Here's my picks for Thursday's matches: 


Djere d. Huesler in 2

Rublev d. Coria in 3: One of the matches of the day.

RBA d. Thiem in 3: Another of the matches of the day.

Fokina d. Baez in 3: Another match of the day.


Cressy d. Stevie J. in 3: Yet another match of the day. What can I say, there's a lot of great matches.

Isner d. Bonzi in 2


Zhang d. Krunic in 3

Wang d. Bogdan in 3

Poots d. Pigossi in 3

Siniakova d. Cocciaretto in 3


Kalinskaya d. Danilovic in 3

Niemeir d. Lys in 2

CarGar d. Jeanjean in 3: Another great match.

BB d. Bandecchi in 2

Record: 14-8, 2,076-1,054 :.663

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