Sunday, July 10, 2022

TKJ's Lookback: Great wins for Djokovic, Rybakina at Wimbledon

First, congrats to Nole and Elena Rybakina! They both played well and deserved to win Wimbledon titles.

It could be the first of many for Rybakina. Time will tell. But she has the game. She had a great tournament. It's no surprise since I think everyone has known the talent has always been there. Hopefully, she will continue to play at her best and many more slams could follow.

For Nole, No. 21 was sweet. It's been a rough year, but this makes it all worth it. He's now just one behind Rafa overall and just one behind Fed at Wimbledon.

He can still easily become the GOAT, but it will not be easy. He will not be playing the U.S. Open, IMO. I do think there's a chance he plays in Australia (they will have to lift his 3-year ban). 

Nole didn't play at his absolute best the last two matches but didn't need to. I'm thinking we will not see him again until September or October, but I still think he could finish the year strong and maybe even win the World Tour Finals. He's still the best player in the world, IMO.

All of this makes me excited for the U.S. Open! I can't wait to see how the U.S. Open swing goes. It should be a lot of fun. Will Iga get back on track? Will Rafa get healthy? Will Marta get healthy? Will new contenders emerge in both the men's and women's game?

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