Sunday, June 26, 2022

TKJ's thoughts: WTA's investigation is tip of what needs to be done with abuse on tour

 It has been reported by "The Telegraph" "that two WTA coaches are under investigation by the WTA for engaging in unprofessional potentially abusive relationships with their players."

Here's my thoughts on that. This is a slippery slope. Obviously, recently details emerged from Pam Shriver and Andrea Jaeger about past abusive relationships and clearly things need to be done to make sure more of this doesn't go on. 

It's a hard thing to regulate, especially if the players are 18 or over. In some countries even 16 is a legal age. I don't know that you can punish anyone for it, unless they are underage. I think the biggest thing that needs to happen is more awareness on the subject with the players. 

Whether that's a Pam Shriver or someone like that reaching out and staying in touch with some of the younger players or something else along those lines. I definitely think more awareness is part of the solution.

The WTA has too many young players that are entering a very adult world and not enough is done to protect these kids -- because that's what they are. This has been a problem in the WTA for as long as I can remember and there definitely needs to be steps taken, maybe a hotline, maybe a WTA psychologist who can work with all the players, but especially the younger ones.

I do think more awareness has happened recently and hopefully this is a sign that things will get better. 

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