Sunday, August 8, 2021

TKJ's picks: Bianca, Medvedev will rule in Canada


Here are my predictions for this week's tourneys in Canada.

In the men's tournament, I have Medvedev beating Kei in one quarterfinal. I have Rublev beating Korda and then I have Medvedev beating Rublev in an all-Russian semifinal showdown.

I have Tsitsipas beating Ruud (yes, Ruud is capable of losing, and yes he's capable of playing on a surface other than clay) in one quarter. I have Rafa beating Schwartzman in the other quarter and then I have Tsitsipas knocking off Rafa in the semis. I'm not convinced Rafa is ready to win a title with his health issues right now.

I then have Medvedev beating Tsitsipas in the final. 

In the women's tourney I have Aryna beating Sakkari in one quarter and Mugz beating Muhova in another. I then see Aryna beating Mugz in the semis.

In the other quarter I have E. beating Tomljanovic and Bianca beating Pegula in the other. Bianca will then beat E. in the semis.

Once Bianca gets on a roll she's unstoppable and I see her beating Aryna in the final. The legend of Bianca continues.

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