Sunday, August 8, 2021

Buckeyes Nation: Ohio State looking good in early days of camp; Ewers ready to come on board early


Can it be Sept. 2 yet? 

I can't wait for the Buckeyes to open the season against Minnesota. The big news out of Columbus this past week was that QB Quinn Ewers was graduating from high school and would be in Columbus in about 10 or so days.

Ewers will not get much if any playing time this season, but it should be a good learning experience for him and he can start making money with NIL.

The Buckeyes opened camp and it seems like things are going smoothly. I expect them to have a great season. We'll see how things come together over the next few weeks leading up to the first game. I'm expecting them to go undefeated in the regular season and then win it all in the postseason.

Let's go Buckeyes!

DWB Nation: Gray wins Gold; DWB plays Iowa in ACC/Big Ten Challenge

First I want to give a shoutout to Chelsea Gray on winning Gold with the U.S. Olympic team! Great job Chelsea!

Also, a shoutout to Elizabeth Balogun, who played for Nigeria in the Olympics. Oderah Chidom was also on that team. Great job ladies!

DWB announced last week that they will play Iowa in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge on Dec. 2 at Cameron! I can't wait. It should be a great game.

Is it time for the DWB season yet? It can't get here fast enough for me. I'm so excited for this season. With six great transfers, five returners and one freshman this team has so much potential. A lot of talent and the best coach in the world.

Let's get this DWB? Go Duke!

Cowboys Nation: It looks like the same Cowboys

So the Cowboys played a preseason game -- and they lost. I know it's only preseason but I found it fitting.

It reminded me why this team won't be as good as everyone thinks. First, we have no idea what Dak's injury is really like. Will he return to his old self, even if he makes it back on the field?

Most importantly, we still have the same stupid coach making bad decisions. At the end of the half why on Earth would you go for a field goal, when the kicker (who is actually the punter) can't make a 29-yard FG? There was no way he was going to make it from 52 yards. Try for a touchdown, it's not hard to figure out. The offensive play probably wouldn't have worked, but there was a better chance for that (and more points) than for a FG by your punter.

One positive I saw was the play of the rook Micah Parsons. He is going to be special and that will certainly help the Boys' terrible defense.

This week we have Arizona, let's see what we can do. Let's go Cowboys!

Yankees Nation: Yankees hitting their stride after deals

 I have to give credit where credit is due. Brian Cashman came up big at the trading deadline.

The Yankees are now just 1.5 games out of the second wildcard, 2.5 out of the first wildcard (we're coming for you Red Sox) and 5.5 out of first in the AL East.

The big moves to get Joey Gallo and Anthony Rizzo have paid off in a big way. The Yankees are 7-1 since the moves. I know, I know, they have played the sisters of the poor, but they had been losing to the sisters of the poor. They also have been doing it with a makeshift pitching staff with so many out with injuries or COVID.

Hopefully the Yankees can keep this going. I'm a little worried about Rizzo being out now with COVID, but I think they will still be all right. It shouldn't be too long before they get Cole back and that will be a big help. Even Minor Leaguer Montgomery's return would be a help.

Things are looking up for the Yankees and I hope we can make a big run at winning it all. Let's do this Yankees!

TKJ"s thoughts: DRC is on a roll and it's awesome!


Can we just take a moment to salute DRC! She is on the verge of winning her second straight title and has looked so impressive doing it.

I hope this version of DRC sticks around for a long time. Who doesn't love the feisty, vocal DRC? She's great for the game and I hope she can keep this up.

She could be seeded for the U.S. Open and she can do some real damage there. Good luck to her and I will definitely be rooting for her. Go Hoos, right?

TKJ's picks: Bianca, Medvedev will rule in Canada


Here are my predictions for this week's tourneys in Canada.

In the men's tournament, I have Medvedev beating Kei in one quarterfinal. I have Rublev beating Korda and then I have Medvedev beating Rublev in an all-Russian semifinal showdown.

I have Tsitsipas beating Ruud (yes, Ruud is capable of losing, and yes he's capable of playing on a surface other than clay) in one quarter. I have Rafa beating Schwartzman in the other quarter and then I have Tsitsipas knocking off Rafa in the semis. I'm not convinced Rafa is ready to win a title with his health issues right now.

I then have Medvedev beating Tsitsipas in the final. 

In the women's tourney I have Aryna beating Sakkari in one quarter and Mugz beating Muhova in another. I then see Aryna beating Mugz in the semis.

In the other quarter I have E. beating Tomljanovic and Bianca beating Pegula in the other. Bianca will then beat E. in the semis.

Once Bianca gets on a roll she's unstoppable and I see her beating Aryna in the final. The legend of Bianca continues.