Wednesday, July 7, 2021

TKJ's picks: Angie, Aryna will advance to the Wimbledon final; D.Y. will win in return


Here are my picks for the women's Wimbledon semis and the Hamburg tourney.

Angie d. Barty in 3: This will be a great match. I picked Angie from the start, I'm not changing it now.

Aryna d. Pliskova in 3: Aryna is finally living up to her full potential.


DRC d. Kucova in 2

Pera d. Bonaventure in 2

Zidansek d. Kry. Pliskova in 2

Korpatsch d. Niemeier in 2

Konjuh d. Errani in 3

Zaja d. Ruse in 3

Poots d. Petko in 3

D.Y. d. Frech in 2: She's back! 

Record: 7-6, 373-215 :.634

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