Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Naomi Nation: Naomi is coming for the Gold in Olympics


Naomi Osaka is about to win Gold!

You heard it here first. I know so many won't be happy, because she suddenly seems to have so many against her. But I, for one, hope she pulls it off and I'm a bigger fan now than ever before.

Look, I'm not saying everything she did in handling the press conference thing was great, but everyone makes mistakes. I do believe she has mental health issues and that's nothing to take lightly. It's a shame so many people on message boards and things like that don't or don't want to get that. But then again many of those people are on there because they have no lives and maybe many of them are in denial that they themselves have mental health issues.

I always like to root for the player or team that gets the hate, so when they win it makes it that much sweeter against the common people (average America).

Naomi was one of my favorite players before, but now she is my second favorite and I can't wait to see how she does these next few weeks as she tries to win a Gold medal and the U.S. Open for a third time.

Winning the Gold will be difficult. She's trying to do it in her home country and there will be a lot of pressure on her. But just think how sweet and great it will feel if she does it! To me she is the true No. 1 player in the world. I could careless what the rankings say. It's time for queen Naomi to take her spot in the royal throne back and show the whole world just who she is - the best player in the world.

Sunday, July 11, 2021

TKJ's thoughts: Nole wins 20th slam, now the real GOAT


Nole wins his 20th slam and becomes the GOAT!

Congrats to Novak Djokovic for winning his 20th and 6th Wimbledon in 4 sets over Berrettini, just like I said.

Nole is now tied with Fed and Rafa with 20 slams, but we all know he's better than those two. He has the head-to-head edge over both and has been No. 1 more weeks.

He's not sure now if he will play in the Olympics. I don't think he should. It's too quick of a turnaround. With it being two-out-of-three sets he's more likely to get beat.

The main goal now should be winning the U.S. Open and winning the calendar slam, which hasn't been done on the men's side since 1969. That was even before I was born!

He is the greatest and he will continue to win more slams and probably end up with more than 25, more than any tennis player man or woman.

This will be the last tennis blog I do, until at least the Olympics. But I do hope to have more on other sports in the coming weeks!

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Buckeyes Nation: Buckeyes on top of recruiting world

 It was a good week for the Buckeyes!

They got commitments from both JTT and George Fitzpatrick. J.T. Tuimoloau will be a freshman defensive end this year, along with Jack Sawyer, while Fitzpatrick will be a freshman next year on the O-line.

Ohio State once again has one of the top recruiting classes in the country and are already No. 1 in the class of 22, with 16 commitments. 

JTT and Sawyer are going to dominate on the D-line - this year. I think the Buckeyes will be improved on defense, although there could be questions at linebacker and the secondary. Having a strong defensive line could help cover up some of those holes.

We certainly have questions on offense, especially at QB, but I think they will figure it all out and this team will be ready to make another run to the CFP. This time we're going all the way!

Go Buckeyes!

TKJ's thoughts: HYPE network we have a problem, Taylor and Nichols bring the drama

So I'm going to give my thoughts on the recent ESPN (or the HYPE Network as I like to call them) fight between Rachel Nichols and Maria Taylor.

I have actually been around both of them before as a reporter, and I'll be honest I have no love for either of them. 

As I'm sure everyone is aware, Nichols was replaced as the per-game NBA Finals host last year by Taylor. Nichols was upset and without knowing the video camera was still on in her hotel room made a phone call to LeBron James' political adviser Adam Mendelsohn. She said basically that ESPN only gave Taylor the job because she's Black and they have done a terrible job at diversity, especially on the women's side. Nichols said she has no problem with Taylor getting more things but she couldn't have Nichols' things.

One question I have is how was the video camera still on, did she leave it on or did someone else for ESPN leave it on - on purpose? Couldn't be the pathetic HYPE Network at it's finest could it? Still makes no sense to me. Either Rachel Nichols is as dumb as a box of rocks or the HYPE Network is one really dirty organization. It wouldn't surprise me if No. 2 was the case. In which case Nichols could sue them bigtime.

This videotape stayed out of the public eye for almost a year. Then magically everyone finds out about it after it's released to the New York Post. The real magic is that it happened just as Taylor's contract, where she reportedly has already turned down a $5 million dollar offer, is about to expire.

So what are my thoughts: First if a Black person deserves a job over a white person they should get it. If a white person deserves a job over a Black person they should get it. The color of someone's skin should never be the reason someone gets a job, but I know that's not how things work. One of the many, many issues we have in this country and this world.

I don't know what will happen, but I think the HYPE network should let Taylor go. After all, she's 34 and I'm sure there's someone younger out there they could hire. If she's not willing to work for $5 million dollars then she could move on to somewhere else. 

As far as I'm concerned they can get rid of Nichols as well. Nobody tunes in to the HYPE network to see Nichols or Taylor. They shouldn't be tuning in for any of them to be honest. The HYPE network has more useless shows with more useless people than any network on TV.

I don't want to see anyone talking about sports. I want to watch sports. Maybe someday these networks will figure it out. I know sports, as do most sports fans, we don't need people telling us what we already know or telling us anything really. Just show us the damn games!

I watch none of the useless shows and I'm doing just fine in life. Think all of the money that the HYPE network could save if they just aired games, instead of hiring so many useless people to sit around and talk about sports. You would think big shot business people would be smart enough to figure it out.

But back to the drama! I think they will rehire Taylor and get rid of Nichols, although they could just move her to another sport. She could bring a big lawsuit against them.

It will be interesting to see where this goes, I guess. It's certainly more interesting than hearing any of these people, especially Screaming A Smith, rambling on for hours about absolutely nothing.

Maybe they should give Nichols and Taylor their own talk show together where they can go at it about sports. Now that could be a show worth watching - maybe.

TKJ's thoughts: Let's get the Barty Party started, Barty is the Wimbledon champ!


Ash Barty is the Wimbledon champ. Get that Barty Party started.

Congrats to Ash on a great Wimbledon, beating Karolina Pliskova, 6-3, 6-7 (4), 6-3, and showing everyone that she truly is the No. 1 player in the world.

Naomi, you got some work to do. So let's get back at it and take it from her!

But for now Ash has certainly earned that top spot and is no doubt a great champion. She played better and better with each match.

Let's not forget a great tournament from Pliskova, once again the bridesmaid and still the best player not to win a slam. Maybe someday, maybe.

Ash deserves to go party and celebrate but not too much. The Olympics are just two weeks away! Let's get that gold Marta!

It was a great Wimbledon and it's going to be a great Olympics!

TKJ's picks: Nole will join Fed, Rafa with 20th slam at Wimbledon


Here's my picks for Wimbledon men's final and women's Hamburg final:

Nole d. Berrettini in 4: Nole will lose his first set since his first match, but that's all Berrettini will get. Nole will win his 20th slam!!!!


Petko d. Ruse in 3

Record: 2-1, 383-224 :.631

Friday, July 9, 2021

TKJ's picks: Let the Barty Party begin, she will win Wimbledon


Here are my picks for the Wimbledon women's final and Hamburg semis:

Barty d. Pliskova in 2: This will be two tough sets, but let the Barty Party begin.


D.Y. d. Ruse in 2: One match closer to a title in D.Y.'s return.

Petko d. Neimeier in 2: Who in the blue moon is Neimeier?

Record: 5-1, 381-223 :.631

Thursday, July 8, 2021

TKJ's picks: Nole will cruise into final against Berrettini at Wimbledon


Here's my picks for men's semis at Wimbledon and Hamburg women's quarters:

Berrettini d. Hurkacz in 4

Nole d. Shapovalov in 3


DRC d. Ruse in 2

D.Y. d. Errani in 2

Zidansek d. Niemeier in 2

Petko d. Bonaventure in 2

Record: 3-7, 376-222 :.629

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

TKJ's picks: Angie, Aryna will advance to the Wimbledon final; D.Y. will win in return


Here are my picks for the women's Wimbledon semis and the Hamburg tourney.

Angie d. Barty in 3: This will be a great match. I picked Angie from the start, I'm not changing it now.

Aryna d. Pliskova in 3: Aryna is finally living up to her full potential.


DRC d. Kucova in 2

Pera d. Bonaventure in 2

Zidansek d. Kry. Pliskova in 2

Korpatsch d. Niemeier in 2

Konjuh d. Errani in 3

Zaja d. Ruse in 3

Poots d. Petko in 3

D.Y. d. Frech in 2: She's back! 

Record: 7-6, 373-215 :.634

TKJ's picks: Buccaneers will top Kansas City for another Super Bowl title

Here are my picks for the upcoming NFL season. I went through and picked every game and this is what I came up with:

NFC East

1. Dallas (12-5)

2. N.Y. Giants (11-6)

3. Washington (7-10)

4. Philadelphia (2-15)

NFC North

1. Minnesota (12-5)

2. Green Bay (11-6)

3. Chicago (11-6)

4. Detroit (2-15)

NFC South

1. Tampa Bay (15-2)

2. New Orleans (12-5)

3. Atlanta (4-13)

4. Carolina (3-14)

NFC West

1. Seattle (12-5)

2. San Francisco (12-5)

3. Arizona (10-7)

4. L.A. Rams (8-9)

AFC East

1. Buffalo (13-4)

2. Miami (11-6)

3. New England (8-9)

4. N.Y. Jets (2-15)

AFC North

1. Baltimore (13-4)

2. Cleveland (12-5)

3. Pittsburgh (8-9)

4. Cincinnati (4-13)

AFC Central

1. Tennessee (14-3)

2. Indianapolis (7-10)

3. Jacksonville (4-13)

4. Houston (3-14)

NFC West 

1. Kansas City (15-2)

2. Denver (6-11)

3. L.A. Chargers (5-12)

4. Las Vegas (3-14)

NFC playoffs

Seattle d. Green Bay

Minnesota d. New Orleans

San Francisco d. Dallas

Tampa Bay d. San Francisco

Seattle d. Minnesota

Tampa Bay d. Seattle

AFC playoffs

Tennessee d. Pittsburgh

Buffalo d. Miami

Baltimore d. Cleveland

Kansas City d. Baltimore

Tennessee d. Buffalo

Kansas City d. Tennessee

Super Bowl

Tampa Bay d. Kansas City

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

DWB Nation: DWB ready for big season

 I will have much more coming on DWB Nation soon.

The Duke Women's Basketball program is going to have an amazing season.

Coach Kara Lawson has pulled in some amazing transfers and we are going to be a force to be reckoned with in women's college basketball.

The ACC will be tough, but so are we. If all those transfers can mesh together DWB will be a top 25 team and a threat to win it all this year.

Let's go Duke!

DMB Nation: DMB ready for another strong year


This is the first of many DMB Nation posts.

The season is not too far off and we all know it's going to be a great one. It's Coach K's last one, so we have to make it the best and go out with a bang!

With the recruiting class we have coming in winning it all shouldn't be a problem.

DMB is about to rebound from a mediocre year and go back to the dominant program they have been. I have no doubt that Jon Scheyer will keep things going after K retires. 

DMB will continue to be a powerhouse both academically and in men's and women's basketball. 

Buckeyes Nation: Ohio State football ready to soar


This is the first of many blogs I will have on my beloved Ohio State football Buckeyes.

The season is not far off and the Buckeyes are ready to roll back to the National Championship game and this time win it. This time we roll the Tide!

The Buckeyes lost a lot, but they also have some incredible recruits coming and the list of names keeps growing by the week. We're about to start a dynasty of our own Bama and Clemson.

So get ready because the Buckeyes are about to take things to a whole new level ion college football!

Ryan Day is the best coach in the game and this program is about to take off.

Tampa Bay Nation: Lightning on verge of adding mystique to Championship City

 Championship City.

Say it with me Championship City. That's what Tampa Bay has become. The place that wins all the championships. Wednesday night, the Lightning will win yet another NHL Stanley Cup! Montreal just got lucky on Monday. The Ning have this in the bag.

They will be some major partying going on in Ybor City this weekend (like usual). Winning never gets old and I'm sure the Tampa Bay area can get used to this.

The Lightning are a dynasty in the NHL, including back-to-back titles.

The Rays have been a little bit up and down, but they are still right there ready to make a move the second half of the season. They will go back to the World Series and this time finish it!

Of course then there's TB12 and the Buccaneers! You know Tom Brady is ready to win Super Bowl No. 8 and back-to-back for the Bucs.

Can life get any better for Tampa Bay fans? The answer is No!

Yankees Nation: Cashman, Boone need to go as Yankees falter

 I known it's been a while since I wrote about the Yankees, mainly because they suck right now.

The Yankees have been underachieving all season. It all starts with that useless GM Brian Cashman and manager Aaron 'needs to go back to ESPN Sunday Night Baseball' Boone.

Both of them need to go. The Yankees are still in contention for a wild card spot (barely), but there's no reason to think they will suddenly turn things around.

The offense is awful most nights and the pitching isn't much better. I know Kluber is injured, but we can't put their failures this season on a washed-up injury-prone pitcher (I don't care if he had a no-hitter, he's not that good).

Jameson Taillon is not the answer either. Chapman at times looks -- old.

But the player I have the biggest problem with is our 'ace.' Seriously, we play Gerrit Cole all that money for this crappy season. No matter what the rest of the team does I expect our ace to go out there and perform like an ace, not like the rest of the crappy pitchers we have.

Cole has been missing and I'm starting to wonder if we have another Sonny Grey on our hands. Can cole handle the bright lights of the big city? Right now it doesn't look like it.

Right now I would be fine with trading away some major pieces and staring to rebuild, because I don't think this group has what it takes to win a championship.

Cowboys Nation: Boys ready to get back on track


This is the first of many Dallas Cowboys blogs coming up this season.

I have seen many picking the Cowboys to win the NFC East (I will do my picks soon), but I see no reason why they can't pull it off.

The Cowboys will have Dak back (although I'm not a Dak fan) he's certainly better than Andy Freaking Dalton. 

The defense needs to play better and the offensive line needs to stay healthy so they can keep Dak healthy.

If they can do those things it could be a great season!

Let's go Boys!

TKJ's Picks: Nole, Fed move step closer to showdown with Wimbledon quarters victories

Here are my Wimbledon men's quarters picks and also my picks for Hamburg (I have D.Y. winning the title by the way):

Nole d. Fucsovics in 3

Fed d. Hurkacz in 4: Are we headed for a Nole-Fed final?

Shapovalov d. Khachanov in 5: This would be a big breakthrough for the Canadian.

Berrettini d. FAA in 4: Berrettini has looked impressive, but who has he really played?

Frech d. Melnikova in 2

Barthel d. Kucova in 2

Teichmann d. Ruse in 2

Kry. Pliskova d. Bara in 2

Karpatsch d. Minella in 2

Tomova d. Zaja in 2

CarGar d. Niemeier in 2

Petko d. ALF in 2

Ferro d. Errani in 3: How is Errani still playing? Isn't she like 50 by now?

Record: 5-3, 366-209 :.637

Monday, July 5, 2021

TKJ's picks: Angie, Pliskova, Jabeur and Barty will advance to Wimbledon semis

 Here are my picks for the women's Wimbledon quarters:

Jabeur d. Aryna in 3: This should be the match of the day. It could go either way and it's tough to call, but I'm on the Ons Jabeur love train. She could win this whole thing.

Barty d. Tomljanovic in 2: Enough said. This will not be too close.

Pliskova d. Golubic in 2: This will not be too close.

Angie d. Muchova in 2: This will be close, but my girl Angie is on a mission.

Record: 8-7, 361-206 :.637

Sunday, July 4, 2021

TKJ's picks: Angie will top Coco, Nole, Fed cruise in Wimbledon fourth round


Here are Manic Monday picks for Wimbledon:

Nole d. Garin in 3: Easy pick.

Angie d. Coco in 3: Match of the day. I picked Angie at the start, can't change it now.

Fed. d. Sonego in 3: Fed will have no problem with this guy, whoever Sonego is.

Barty d. Krejcikova in 3: This could be another match of the day. Barty's No. 1, she needs to show why.

Sascha d. FAA in 4

Raducanu d. Tomljanovic in 3: Ride the hot hand.

Swiatek d. Jabeur in 3: Another match of the day. If Jabeur can't handle a third-round win without throwing up, how will she handle the fourth round?

Rublev d. Fucsovics in 5

Medvedev d. Hurkacz in 4

Aryna d. Rybakina in 3: Could also be the match of the day.

Shapovalov d. RBA in 3

Berrettini d. Ivashka in 3

Samsonova d. Pliskova in 3: Could also be the match of the day. Ride the hot hand.

Muchova d. Badosa in 3: Could also be the match of the day. 

Korda d. Khachanov in 3: Ride the hot hand.

Maddie d. Golubic in 2

Record: 11-5, 353-199 :.639

Friday, July 2, 2021

TKJ's picks: Angie, Fed will advance to Wimbledon fourth round

Here are my picks for Saturday's matches at Wimbledon:

Coco d. Juvan in 2

Fed d. Norrie in 3: There's no way Fed will lose to Norrie, that would be like him losing to Millman at the U.S. Open. Could never happen ...There's no way it will happen.

Barty d. Siniakova in 3: Part of me wants to pick Siniakova ...I just can't.

Sori d. Raducanu in 2

Nick d. FAA in 4

Medvedev d. Cilic in 5: This should be a great battle ...at least if Cilic from 6 years ago shows up.

Angie d. Sasnovich in 2: This all depends on how much Angie has left after that brutal match with Tormo.

Sascha d. Fritz in 3

Berrettini d. Bedene in 3

Krejcikova d. Sevastova in 3: Part of me wants to pick Sevastova ...I just can't.

Hurkacz d. Bublik in 5

Muchova d. Pavs in 3: This could be the match of the day. 

Thompson d. Ivashka in 3

Penko d. Tomljanovic in 2: Penko just might win this whole thing.

Badosa d. Linette in 2

Duckworth d. Sonego in 3

Record: 11-5, 342-194 :.638

Thursday, July 1, 2021

TKJ's Picks: Nole will advance to Wimbledon fourth round


Here are my picks for Friday's Wimbledon matches:

Mugz d. Jabeur in 3: This could be the match of the day.

Korda d. Evans in 4

Andy d. Shapo in 5: This could be the match of the day.

Sloane d. Samsonova in 2

Nole d. Kudla in 3

Maddie d. Mertens in 2

Pliskova d. Martincova in 2

Aryna d. Serrano in 2: I won't be surprised if this goes the other way.

RBA d. Koepfer in 4

Rublev d. Fabio in 3

Schwartzman d. Fucsovics in 5: This could be the match of the day.

Swiatek d. Begu in 2

Garin d. Martinez in 3

Golubic d. Brengle in 2

Big Foe d. Khachanov in 4: This could be the match of the day.

Rybakina d. Rogers in 2

Record: 22-14, 331-189 :.637