Tuesday, June 22, 2021

D.Y. Nation: Dirty Dayana no more, D.Y. Is back and ready to return to WTA Tour

 Dirty Dayana is back! OK, so I have called her Dirty Dayana for many years, because I love the song 

Dirty Diana by Michael Jackson. I'm sure others will now think I'm saying that Dayana cheated, which she has now been cleared of. That is not why I call her that.

So I will now just call her D.Y. But I really love Dirty Dayana. 

The main thing is she's back. It sucks she can't play singles at Wimbledon, but she will be back on the tour soon after being vindicated of any wrong doing in her doping case. 

D.Y. is missed on the tour, if nothing else to spice things up and cause drama, which is honestly one of the main reasons I love the game.

We can never forget this video:

Or even this one: 


She brings it in a lot of ways and I look forward to seeing her play again. 

Let's do this D.Y.!

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