Saturday, August 1, 2020

DV Nation: DV back in action in Palermo, ready to win

DV returns this week!

She is playing in the first official tennis tournament since the pandemic in Palermo. 

It's great to have my favorite women's player back on court and ready to win another title! DV is the No. 6 seed and will play Rus in the first round and either Hercog or Cocciaretto in the second round. DV is scheduled to play Kontaveit in the quarters. 

It is on clay, not DV's best surface but she'll get it done! Martic is the top seed and Vondrousova is the 2 seed but DV can beat any of them.

DV is no longer coached by Torben, but that's OK she'll be fine. Torben was great for her, but honestly I think it was time for her to move on from him. This will be a short season, but hopefully DV can make the most of it and do some big things.

I'm excited to see her play again. Let's go DV! 

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