Sunday, July 26, 2020

TKJ's Top 10: MLB rankings: 7-26-20

Here's my rankings through the first weekend of baseball season:

1. New York Yankees (2-1): The favorites in my unbiased (LOL) opinion.

2. Los Angeles Dodgers (2-1): This team is loaded. Not going to lie they scare me (just a little).

3. San Diego Padres (2-1): The Padres impressed me more than any other team I saw this weekend not named the Yankees or Dodgers. They are young and talented. The only liability will be the pitching.

4. Atlanta Braves (2-1): The Braves beatdown over the Mets on Sunday was impressive.

5. Minnesota Twins (2-1): The Twins have plenty of talent and pitching and they could be ready to make some big noise.

6. Houston Astros (2-1): They would have been higher, but without Verlander I'm not sure what to expect from them moving forward.

7. St. Louis Cardinals (2-1): Another team headed for big things, Not as talented as the teams that won it all, but in a year with a crazy postseason I wouldn't count them out.

8. Chicago Cubs (2-1): The Cubs still have enough firepower on offense and solid pitching to do big things this season.

9. Tampa Bay Rays (2-1): A darkhorse team this season, building off of last year's momentum. They do just enough to win games and that's what matters most.

10. Cleveland Indians (2-1): The offense needs improvement, but their trio of starters on the mound can go toe-to-toe with anybody.

Until next time, Go Yankees!

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