Sunday, July 26, 2020

TKJ's Top 10: MLB rankings: 7-26-20

Here's my rankings through the first weekend of baseball season:

1. New York Yankees (2-1): The favorites in my unbiased (LOL) opinion.

2. Los Angeles Dodgers (2-1): This team is loaded. Not going to lie they scare me (just a little).

3. San Diego Padres (2-1): The Padres impressed me more than any other team I saw this weekend not named the Yankees or Dodgers. They are young and talented. The only liability will be the pitching.

4. Atlanta Braves (2-1): The Braves beatdown over the Mets on Sunday was impressive.

5. Minnesota Twins (2-1): The Twins have plenty of talent and pitching and they could be ready to make some big noise.

6. Houston Astros (2-1): They would have been higher, but without Verlander I'm not sure what to expect from them moving forward.

7. St. Louis Cardinals (2-1): Another team headed for big things, Not as talented as the teams that won it all, but in a year with a crazy postseason I wouldn't count them out.

8. Chicago Cubs (2-1): The Cubs still have enough firepower on offense and solid pitching to do big things this season.

9. Tampa Bay Rays (2-1): A darkhorse team this season, building off of last year's momentum. They do just enough to win games and that's what matters most.

10. Cleveland Indians (2-1): The offense needs improvement, but their trio of starters on the mound can go toe-to-toe with anybody.

Until next time, Go Yankees!

Yankees Nation: Yankees take 2 of 3 from Nationals

The Yankees picked up a huge win Sunday to take 2 of 3 from the Nationals.

Loaisiga and Hale went a combined four innings and only trailed 2-0 as they turned it over to the heart of the bullpen. I knew going into the game if Loaisiga could just keep it close, the bullpen would give the Yankees a chance and they did.

If the Yankees win it all this year it will be because of how great the bullpen is. The offense finally got Corbin out of the game and then won the game against the Nats' bullpen. Gleyber came up big for the Yankees and my fantasy baseball team and led the Yanks to the 3-2 win.

The Yankees are in first place! The key to every series is to win it. So that's one down! Now it's on to Philly. We need to win at least 3 of 4 (the last two are in N.Y.) against the Phillies and keep it rolling.

The offense is going to be fine. The bullpen is going to be fine. The key as usual for the Yankees is starting pitching has to be better. Paxton has to be better than he was on Saturday. It will help to get Tanaka back, but if the starting pitching can improve and be good this year the Yankees have a great chance to win it all.

Until next time, Go Yankees!

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Yankees Nation: Yankees take opener over Nats, 4-1, in rain shortened game.

The Yankees win their opener 4-1 and looked great in a rain-shortened game, which was stopped in the sixth. 

One down, 59 more to go, right?

Gerrit Cole looked solid, Staunton hit a 2-run bomb, Judge was his usual great self. I know it's only one game, but the Yankees look like champs to me.

Let's keep it going, Saturday. 

Until next time, Go Yankees!  

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Yankees Nation: Fearless predictions: Yankees beat Dodgers in World Series

Baseball is back and that means it's time to make some fearless predictions. 

With the shortened season anything can happen, but I'm not going to stray too far from my original picks for the season.

The Yankees will dominate (shocking that I would say that, I know) this season. I don't care if it's 10 games or 1,000 games or 60 games - they are the best team in baseball. They have looked great in preseason.

I've got the Yankees in the AL East, the Twins in the AL Central and the Astros in the AL West. I'll take the Tampa Bay Rays and the Oakland A's for the wildcards.

The Yankees will beat the Rays and the  Astros will knock off the Twins, setting up the rematch from last year's ALCS. This time the Yankees will take it and go to the World Series.

In the NL, I'll take the Braves in the NL East, the Cardinals in the NL Central and the Dodgers in the NL West. The Nationals and the Brewers are the wildcards. 

Then the Dodgers, who have also looked great in preseason, will beat the Nationals, the Cardinals will top the Braves with the Dodgers getting back to the World Series after beating the Cards.

In the World Series the Yankees will win their 28th championship in 6 games over the Dodgers (Is it the 70's again?). Book it!

Until next time, Go Yankees! 

Monday, July 20, 2020

Yankees Nation: Baseball and the Yankees are back!

Baseball is back!

The last few days have been amazing, just watching the New York Yankees back on the field beating teams (well, one team - the Mets) to a pulp. I don't think I truly realized how much I missed the main sports until the last few days. It's like life is great again! No matter what else is going on I have sports to lean on and help me through this pandemic. 

It also helps that the Yankees have looked great in their first two exhibition games. They beat the Mets by a combined 15-3 score in two games. I think it's going to be a great season and nothing will make me feel better than seeing them win Championship No. 28.

In Sunday's win, Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton and Gary Sanchez each homered, with Judge taking two out of the park.

The lack of fans doesn't bother me at all, and I like the simulated crowd noise. It sounds real.

The Yankees' offense is off to a great start and the pitching should be fine. With Gerrit Cole, James Paxton and Masahiro Tanaka leading the way it should be a great 60-game season for the Yanks.

They start the regular season off on Thursday at the Washington Nationals and have three games in four days with the Nats. Then they play at Philadelphia for two and then have two at home with the Phillies. Then Boston comes to town for three games and there's nothing like the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry.

It's a tough schedule to start with, but I know the Yankees will be fine. They have the talent to win it all!

I will try to give updates/thoughts at least once a week. Hopefully they will be full of lots of joy as the Yankees dominate like they should. 

Until next time, Go Yankees!

Saturday, July 18, 2020

DWB Nation: Kara Lawson perfect choice for DWB!

Last week was a big one for DWB! 

Kara Lawson was named the new head coach for Duke Women's Basketball and I don't think they could have made a better choice. 

Kara is smart, experienced, has a great personality, passionate - she is everything you can want from a head coach. I know my Boston Celtics were sorry to see her leave, but we're happy for her. I am very excited for what this means for my favorite program in the world. 

She has already reached out to former players and had a zoom chat with them. You can tell she has great ideas. She has an understanding of what it takes to win and she knows Duke belongs at the top of the women's game just like it was when she played at Tennessee. 

To me one of the most important things about Kara is - she's a winner. It's what she's done at everything in basketball and I know DWB is in good hands. I'm looking forward to the upcoming season and going through the process of watching the program grow into a powerhouse again. I became a DWB fan in 1999 after they beat Tennessee in the Elite Eight. Soon after that I became a season-ticket holder and stayed that way until a few years ago. I've already ordered season tickets again and can't wait to be back in Cameron Indoor Stadium again! 
I can remember big games there against Connecticut, Tennessee and North Carolina where there were sellouts and the place was rocking just like for the men's games. I have no doubt it will be that way again soon! There's no feeling quite like CIS when it's full and the place is rocking. It gets so hot you can barely breathe. It's the best atmosphere in all of sports. 

I'm sure Kara will bring in some big-time recruits and get us back to the top soon. After a long absence it's where we want to be and where we belong! 

On a programming note, I will have more blogs soon. With sports coming back in full-force I will have different blogs for different sports, but all of it can be found here on this site. For DWB Nation, I plan to have previews on the games, recaps, Players of the Week and much more as the season goes on. I can't wait for the great things that are coming to DWB! 

 Go Duke!